Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Dogs for Diabetics (D4D) is primarily a Volunteer Organization. Currently, the Executive Director and the Programs Manager are the only 2 full-time employees.

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Various staff positions are filled by dedicated, non-compensated volunteers. D4D would not exist without the support of its many volunteers who train and support our dogs & clients, raise operating funds, manage the business, and fulfill the many other day-to-day activities.

D4D embraces each volunteer as a member of a close community supporting one another in our mission. We offer challenging and fulfilling opportunities for those who are passionate about improving the lives of diabetics.

To apply for an open volunteer position, please D4D by using our contact form.

Qualifications for all Volunteer Positions:

Skills, experience or willingness to learn skills to be used in the specific tasks.

Willingness to commit to schedule appropriate to the assignment. Range of time commitment can be from 2 to 4 hour shifts once a month or once a week. Some positions, such as Foster Care, require a significantly greater time commitment.

Some positions may allow for work at home with periodic visits to the training center to meet with other staff.

Positions, such as Outreach, will require the volunteer to provide personal transportation to the locale and commitment to meet the event schedule.

All positions require the submission of a Volunteer Application, Volunteer Agreement, Code of Conduct Agreement, Medical and Tetanus Waivers.

Please fill out the forms and mail them to address below:

D4D Volunteer Application
D4D Volunteer Agreement
Code of Conduct Policy Agreement
Tetanus Waiver

Attn: Volunteer Coordinator
1647 Willow Pass Road #157
Concord, CA 94520-2611

Volunteer Positions:

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Training Center Volunteer

Description: Work at the D4D Training Center to fill the many activities that are carried out each day. Various activities may include office support; dog training support; dog grooming; center cleaning; recycling and other sundry activities.

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IT & Systems Volunteer

Description: Assist in maintaining the various computer systems used to deliver services, including its VOP Phone System, its Server Network, Audio/Visual Equipment and other systems.

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Outreach Volunteer

Description: Participate in the planning and execution of various outreach activities including supporting information booths at events; representing D4D at the request of interested organizations; and, making formal presentations of D4D’s mission using video’s; power point presentations and speeches. The role and responsibility of each volunteer will increase as their knowledge and experience develop.

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Marketing & Development Volunteer

Description: Assist in the research, development and preparation of marketing and fundraising materials, including grant requests and other forms of fundraising activities. Assist in the writing of client and program stories for use in the development activities and for use in newsletters and monthly program messages.

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Foster Care Volunteer

Description:  Support the dog training activities through providing a family living environment for dogs preparing for placement. Provide continuing obedience training and socialization of dogs prior to trial placement with clients.   Must live in reasonable proximity to D4D’s training center in order to bring the dog into the center for training activities during the week. Some foster work will include longer term placements prior to scent training.   Participation will include monthly foster training class sessions at the training center.

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Foster Care Transportation Volunteer

Description:  Support the foster care program by assisting foster care families in transporting dogs to or from D4D’s training center.  Initially, the volunteer would be providing pre-scheduled transportation of dogs as requested when the foster family is not able to provide the needed transport.  The objective is to insure that dogs are available for all their needed training runs on a continuing basis.  The volunteer should live in reasonable proximity to D4D’s training center in order to bring the dog into the center for training activities during the week.  Transportation would be in the volunteer’s personal vehicle.  D4D will reimburse the volunteer for documented mileage.

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